About the lab

Welcome to the Adult Development and Psychometrics Lab, which was established at the University of British Columbia by Dr. Anita Hubley in 2000.

Research in the lab focuses on psychological and health issues affecting individuals in the community across the adult lifespan. Thus, a lot of our research has focused on health and quality of life, depression, body image, age identity, and neuropsychological functioning (e.g., memory, visuospatial skills).

We are not only interested in these topics but also in measurement issues related to them. For example, we want to figure out how to best measure some of these constructs for different age, gender, or cultural groups. That may involve developing new and improved measures, validating the use of measures for different groups of people, and exploring how different groups respond to different response formats.

Most of our research involves young, middle-aged, or older adults from the community. Sometimes we focus on a broad spectrum of ‘normal’ healthy men and women across the adult age range and other times we focus on specific subgroups (e.g., homeless or vulnerably housed adults, clinically depressed elderly patients, men with body image concerns).

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Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory or practice of measuring mental processes or functions