Lab Members

Lab Members

  • Dr. Anita Hubley
Graduate Students
  • Sophie Ma Zhu (MERM Ph.D. student)
  • Zarah Chaudhary (MERM Ph.D. student)
  • Robert Ruddell (CNPS M.A. student)
  • Karla Glazewski (CNPS M.A. student)
  • Michelle Zhang (CNPS M.A. student)
  • Xuyan Tang (MERM M.A. student)
  • Graham Haber (CNPS M.A. student)
  • Candice Chia Yun Yu (CNPS M.Ed. student)

Learn more about current and former graduate students in the lab by visiting the Current Students and Past Students pages.

Research Assistants

  • Nathan Roberson (MERM Ph.D. student) – Subjective Happiness Scale Psychometric Study
  • Sophie Ma Zhu (CNPS M.A. grad) – Response Processes Study, Meeting Measurement Goals Study
  • Sean Maxey (CNPS M.A. student) – Memory, Age, & Wellbeing Study, Response Processes Study
  • Gordana Rajlic (MERM Ph.D. student) – Hubley Depression Scale: Factor Structure and Reliability Study
  • Robert Ruddell (CNPS M.A. student) – Response Processes Study
  • Xuyan Tang (MERM M.A. student) – Hubley Depression Scale in Cardiac Patients Study
  • Michelle Zhang (CNPS M.A. student) – Meeting Measurement Goals Study
  • Katie Lysakowski – volunteer R.A.
  • SiNae Park (CNPS M.Ed. student) – volunteer R.A.

For more about becoming a research assistant in the lab, visit the Paid RA Positions page and the Volunteer RA Program pages.