Older Adults

Tests for Older Adults

Memory Test for Older Adults (MTOA)

The Memory Test for Older Adults (MTOA) was developed with Dr. Tom N. Tombaugh and published by Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS; see: www.mhs.com) in late 2002. It is a brief test of verbal and visuospatial learning and memory for cognitively intact or impaired older adults. There are two versions of the test, both of which contain one verbal task (i.e., a word list) and one simplified visuospatial task (i.e., a geometric figure) specifically designed to be more appropriate for use with older adults. The MTOA:L uses somewhat more difficult materials and can be used with individuals who are suspected of having some type of cognitive deficit. The MTOA:S uses easier materials and is recommended when cognitive impairments have already been diagnosed or are obvious. Norms are currently available for individuals who are 55-84 years of age and are being collected for individuals who are ages 85+. The MTOA may also be of use with individuals who have lower educational attainment.

Relevant publications:

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Hubley, A. M., Tombaugh, T. N., & Hemingway, D. (2003). A modification of the Taylor Figure and the development of new figures for older adults. In J. A. Knight and E. F. Kaplan (Eds.), The handbook of Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure usage: Clinical and research applications (pp. 279-293). Odessa, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources.

To purchase the MTOA: Go to the MHS website (www.mhs.com) and search under “MTOA” or “memory”.

Hubley Depression Scale for Older Adults (HDS-OA)

The Hubley Depression Scale for Older Adults (HDS-OA; Hubley, 1993) was developed to screen for depression in adults ages 55+. This 16-item measure was based on DSM-IV criteria for major depressive disorder and uses a yes/no response format. This test was designed to be easier to use with individuals who may be experiencing difficulties related to attention, cognitive impairment, or depression. This test may also be of use with individuals with more limited intellectual abilities, lower educational attainment, brain injury, or drug addiction.

Relevant publications:

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To obtain a copy of the HDS-OA:, please contact Dr. Hubley at anita.hubley@ubc.ca.